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I Saw The Light

People with near death experiences claim to “see the light that is pulling them or guiding them to heaven.” Well, when I was four years old that exact thing happened to me. I lived on a lake in a small town about 20 miles from Spokane, Washington. One day I was playing in a way too large inner tube on the lake. I was with a babysitter and I remember (and I can’t believe I have this memory because I was only 4) seeing the babysitter flirting with some boy and not paying attention to me. Well, of course, I paddled out too far and lost my grip on the inner tube and slipped through the hole. I distinctly remember my struggle and panic while trying to get back up to the top. My heart was racing so fast and then I felt peace and I wasn’t afraid anymore. I felt like everything was going to be alright. Then this very bright light came into the water and guided me to the surface, I guess, because that’s the last I remember. I don’t remember ever making it to the shore and who rescued me, but I am alive today to tell this story so, apparently, it wasn’t my time.

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