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No Beef Eater

I have not eaten beef for 24 years. I used to love beef and I ate it at least once a week prior to an incident that prompted the most...

Lilly’s Adventure

My oldest daughter, Monica, loved frogs when she was a little girl. She had her room painted with lily pads and frogs, she collected...

Stuck Ducks

One day, I was driving along a four lane road near my house with my 3 daughters in the car with me. My daughters at the time were ages...

Never Talk to Strangers

I had a very unique childhood. My mother and father were divorced before I turned two. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but after my mom...

I Saw The Light

People with near death experiences claim to “see the light that is pulling them or guiding them to heaven.” Well, when I was four years...

Never flip off a cop!

I’m a rule follower. I wait in lines, I read signs, I take a number and I would never not obey the law (except maybe speeding, but never...

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